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Georgia Kelly


  • 2018 Television Rake Easy Tiger, Matthew Saville Jilly
  • 2017 Television Friday on My Mind ABC, Matthew Saville Maureen Fleet
  • 2014 Feature Film Breeding in Captivity Independent , Lucien Simon Anna
  • 2014 Feature Film Border Protection Squad EHK Productions, Ed Kavalee Local 1
  • 2012 Stage Speak English or Die La Mama Theatre, Sara-Tabitha Catchpole Mouche Chaplin
  • 2012 Stage Of Words and War La Mama Theatre, Karyn Hutchinson Elsa
  • 2012 Short Film Carnivore , Sam Rogers Charlotte
  • 2011 Short Film Shadow Dreams Zoo Patrol Productions , Scott Lewis Sophie
  • 2010 Stage Don't Look Now St Martins Theatre, Susie Dee Alice
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