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Trent Baines


  • 2018 Television Bite Club Nine Network, Wayne Blair Trent
  • 2017 Feature Film Ladies in Black Lumila Films , Bruce Beresford Greg
  • 2016 Television Rake ABC, Peter Duncan Travis
  • 2015 Television Australia: The Story of Us Essential Media & Entertainment, Michael O'Neill Tom Wills
  • 2015 Short Film Unrequited Space Gorilla, Timothy Wilde Benjamin
  • 2014 Television Winter Seven Network, Lynn Hegarty Travis McIntyre
  • 2013 Television Carlotta ABC, Samantha Lang Mick
  • 2013 Stage Set Dreamhouse Artists, Sam Atwell Fin Jones
  • 2012 Television Bikie Wars: Brothers In Arms Screentime, Peter Andrikidis Sparra
  • 2011 Voice Over Blue Mountains Scenic Walk Sampford productions, Stuart Smith Voice
  • 2011 Stage The Talk Down Silver CO, Maurice Silver Harrington W
  • 2011 Stage Ben Hur Stade France, Robert Hossein Gladiator (Draccus)
  • 2010 Television Rescue Special Ops Nine Network, Peter Andrikidis Joey Cutler
  • 2009 Television All Saints (2005-2009) Seven Network, Various Jesse Stevens / Tom Lowe
  • 2008 Stage Snow White Pantoni UK, David Lees Prince
  • 2007 Television Home and Away Seven Network, Various Macca
  • 2005 Voice Over Game Tycoon CC games, Peter Sei Various
  • 2003 Stage Back to The Eighties Laycock Street Theatre, Stuart Smith Kirk
  • 2002 Stage Henry V Mad Cow Theatre, Stuart Smith Montjoy
  • 2001 Stage Much Ado About Nothing Mad Cow Theatre, Iain Mcguire Verges
  • 1999 Stage Best Little Whorehouse in Texas Laycock Street Theatre, Stuart Smith Aggie
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