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Dustin Clare


  • 2019 Television Rosehaven Guesswork/ ABC/ Sundance Channel, Johnathan Brough, Shaun Wilson Farmer Dan
  • 2019 Television Glitch Matchbox Pictures/ ABC/ Netflix, Emma Freeman Mark Clayton-Stone
  • 2018 Television Tidelands Hoodlum/ Netflix, Emma Freeman, Daniel Netthiem, Catorina Mackenzie Pat McTeer
  • 2018 Feature Film Pacific Rim: Uprising Legendary Pictures, Steven DeKnight Burke
  • 2016 Television Wolf Creek TV Series Screentime/ STAN, Tony Tilse, Greg Mclean Sullivan Hill
  • 2015 Television Strike Back - Season 5 Sky / Cinemax, Michael J Bassett, Julian Holmes Faber
  • 2015 Feature Film Sunday Fighting Chance Films, Michelle Joy Lloyd Charlie
  • 2014 Television Anzac Girls ABC/Screentime, Ken Cameron, Ian Watson Harry Moffitt
  • 2014 Short Film The Fragments Eponine Films & Fighting Chance Films, Jim Lounsbury Jason
  • 2014 Feature Film Love is Now Eponine Films, Jim Lounsbury James
  • 2013 Television Spartacus: War of the Damned Starz Network, Various Gannicus
  • 2012 Television Spartacus: Vengeance Starz Network, Various Gannicus
  • 2011 Television Spartacus: Gods of the Arena Starz Network, Various Gannicus
  • 2011 Feature Film The Eye of The Storm Paper Bark Films, Fred Schepisi Col
  • 2011 Feature Film Goddess The Film Company, Mark Lamprell Rory
  • 2010 Short Film Kanowna Archangel Pictures & Fighting Chance Films, Chris Richards-Scully Trooper Brown
  • 2010 Short Film Happenstance Idea Garage & Fighting Chance Films, John Marsh Ex
  • 2009 Television Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities Showtime/Nine Network, Tony Tilse/Ken Cameron/Shawn Seat Chris Flannery
  • 2009 Television Satisfaction (2008-2009) Lone Hand/Showcase, Various Sean
  • 2009 Short Film Early Checkout Fighting Chance Films, Jim Lounsbury Dan
  • 2008 Short Film Cane Cutter Fighting Chance Films, Dustin Clare Roo
  • 2007 Television McLeods Daughters - 2006 - 2007 Millenium Television, Various Riley Ward
  • 2005 Television Headland Channel 7, Jean-Pierre Mignon, Grant Brown, Daniel Nettheim, Richard Jasek Gareth Williams
  • 2005 Television All Saints Channel 7, Jean-Pierre Mignon Rick Fallon
  • 2005 Television Air Australia VUE DC, Alan Lindsay Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith
  • 2005 Short Film New Years Eve Grace Productions, Jim Lounsbury Virgil
  • 2005 Short Film Ironbird Ironbird Films, Chris Richard-Scully JP
  • 2004 Stage Sunrise WAAPA, Marcelle Shmitz Tristan
  • 2004 Stage Scenes From The Big Picture WAAPA, Adam Cook Bop Torbett + Harry Fogarty
  • 2004 Stage MacBeth WAAPA, Peter Houghton Banquo
  • 2004 Short Film Going Down In Flames WAPPA, Chris Richards-Scully Donny
  • 2003 Short Film Brothers Grace Productions, Jim Lounsbury Ethan
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