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Jessica McNamee


  • 2019 Television In To The Dark Blumhouse Television, Paul Davis, Patrick Lussier Rachel Adams
  • 2019 Feature Film Locusts Closereef Productions, Heath Davis Izzy
  • 2019 Feature Film I'm Just F*cking With You Undisclosed , Adam Mason Rachel Adams
  • 2018 Feature Film The Neighbor Michael Bruce Pictures, Aaron Harvey Jenna
  • 2018 Feature Film The Meg Warner Bros Studios, Jon Turteltaub Lori
  • 2017 Feature Film CHIPS Warner Bros Studios , Dax Shepard Lindsey Taylor
  • 2017 Feature Film Battle of the Sexes Fox Searchlight, Jonathan Dayton Valerie Faris Margaret Court
  • 2016 Television Sirens USA Network, Various Theresa
  • 2014 Television The Time of Our Lives ABC , Various Lisa Montego
  • 2013 Television White Collar Jeff Eastin & Warrior George Productions, Various Penny Chase
  • 2012 Television Scruples ABC, Michael Sucsy Maggie
  • 2011 Feature Film The Vow Spyglass Entertainment, Michael Sucsy Gwen
  • 2010 Short Film 50-50 Annmaree Bell, Megan Riakos Nellie
  • 2009 Television Packed to the Rafters Seven Network, Various Sammy Rafter
  • 2008 Feature Film The Loved Ones Ambience Entertainment, Sean Byrne Mia
  • 2007 Television Hammer Bay Cherub Productions / MTV, Ben Briand Amanda Blakely
  • 2007 Short Film Secrets of Seduction Mini Movie Moguls, Yen Yang Eve
  • 2006 Television Secretary Southern Star, Kate Dennis Lucy
  • 2006 Television In Search of Paradise ABC (US), Various Chrissy
  • 2006 Television Home & Away Seven Network, Various Lisa
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